Heather D. Lacey, PMP

Environmental Services Group Manager

Having completed hundreds of environmental studies, reports and documentations for municipal, state, federal clients, Heather has been able to hone her technical expertise and focus it through a client-centric approach.

“I take a practical approach to environmental compliance with the goal of making it as cost-effective for clients as possible, while providing the necessary mitigation and protection measures,” Heather says.

With a master’s in biology and certification as an ecologist, Heather serves as project manager and lead scientist on environmental projects. Because these projects spread across the various markets that CMT serves, she enjoys getting to work with people from different backgrounds and disciplines.

Heather’s love of the natural environment and dedication to preserving it for future generations extends beyond her work with CMT. She currently serves as a trustee and steering committee member for the Miller Ecological Park Fund in Lebanon, Ohio.

“It’s a non-profit organization dedicated to providing environmental education and passive recreation opportunities to the community. It’s a great cause and I’m proud to be able to volunteer my time to help them achieve their goals,” she says.