Transportation/Complete Street Planner

Being an effective urban planner requires an in-depth understanding of physical infrastructure and the inner workings of a municipality. But for Jacque Knight, having a strong sense of empathy is every bit as important.

“Whether it’s walking, biking or using public transit, people of all ages and abilities deserve the freedom to choose how they travel, and should feel safe and dignified while they do so,” Jacque says. “By focusing on the human element of transportation planning, we can build equitable, safe, and vibrant public spaces.”

As Transportation Planning Lead in CMT’s St. Louis office, Jacque works with communities to improve mobility and enhance those areas where people come together. It’s a multi-faceted task with many components and factors to consider, but the process begins by asking one simple question: Why?

“Every project contains a unique story, and by starting with a strong understanding of what that is, we can engage everyone involved and build buy-in for the improvements being proposed. By establishing that initial trust, the entire project team benefits greatly by having honest and straightforward conversations throughout the process,” she says.

Given her love of people and public spaces, it’s not surprising that one of Jacque’s favorite activities outside of work is exploring new cities with her husband, who is also a planner, and their two children. She also enjoys visiting parks, going on long runs, and exploring the local culinary scene.