Tim Sumner sitting at a desk

Senior Structural Engineer

As a former railroad employee, Jared Wigger knows just how hectic that job can be. Now that he’s on the consultant side of the business, he makes sure to keep that in mind when he’s serving a railroad client.

“They hire us to perform tasks because they are so busy,” Jared says. “That’s why I work hard to minimize the input required of them. It also helps that I know the right questions to ask to arrive at solutions quickly.”

Jared serves as a lead on CMT’s Rail Structural Team, providing design and inspection services, and managing subcontractors/stakeholders on rail-related bridge projects. His past railroad experience also pays big dividends when he’s delivering a project.

“I understand the complexities associated with working around railroad tracks and the specifics of railroad safety rules that aren’t found in other industries.  I’ve also been a part of quite a few bridge changeouts, so I have a thorough understanding of train movements and construction methods that minimize track outage time.”

Since joining CMT, Jared has been sharing the expertise he’s amassed over the past 25 years with our next generation of engineers. Outside of work, he likes to share his love of traveling, fishing, and cooking with his three kids.

Licensed Professional Engineer in Missouri and Kansas.