Large, Jeff CASUAL

Chief Structural Engineer

Jeff Large had just finished his freshman year at the University of Illinois when he accepted a summer internship with the Illinois Department of Transportation. At that point, he wasn’t exactly sure what direction to take his interest in engineering. After being assigned to work on what would become CMT’s award-winning Illinois Route 29 Expressway project, Jeff found not only his direction but also his future employer.

“I saw many different aspects of highway construction that summer and realized that working on infrastructure projects was my calling,” Jeff says. “The math and science that I enjoyed in school, combined with the tangible nature of civil and structural engineering, came together for me, and then I requested a transfer into the Civil Engineering department when I returned to school in the fall.

Jeff is the chief structural engineer in CMT’s Springfield, IL office. He still gets a lot of satisfaction in seeing a project make its way from a set of plans to the built environment. He also takes pride in building strong relationships with the clients he works with.

“Excellent customer service starts with open and honest communication. In our industry, things don’t always go as planned. It’s important to establish open lines of communication, so that those hard conversations are a little easier when they occur.”

Jeff has a lot of interests outside the office but devotes most of his time to enjoying life with his wife and three kids. And cheering on his Fighting Illini.