Tim Sumner sitting at a desk

Hydraulics & Hydrology Practice Lead

Civil infrastructure projects vary widely in terms of location, purpose and disciplines, but there is one question almost all of them must address: “What’s going to happen when it rains?” As CMT’s Hydraulics & Hydrology Practice Lead, Jim Michael gets asked that question a lot. And he’s passionate about finding the answer.

“Predicting rainfall, estimating runoff and designing infrastructure to collect, control and convey stormwater is as much of an art as a science to me,” Jim says. “It’s one of the few disciplines that isn’t solely defined by a chart or graph and allows for a wide range of interpretation and design application.”

Jim prides himself on being able to provide practical solutions to his clients’ most complex problems and presenting them in a manner that everyone can understand. He also enjoys working in an environment where engineers are encouraged to bring their personal skills and perspectives to the table to collaboratively solve challenges.

“It’s not unusual for co-workers to rush into my office and say, ‘We need to find an answer for this. What are your thoughts?’ And of course, I’m always happy to share my perspective and expertise so we can move forward towards finding the optimal solution.”

When it comes to his interests outside of work, Jim is a car guy who enjoys repairing and modifying vehicles. Having grown up in a family of automotive enthusiasts, he credits this appreciation for the mechanical and his ability to troubleshoot for his success as an engineer.