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Structural Engineer

While most people see bridges as simply a way to safely get from point A across to point B, Joey Heger sees them more like a puzzle. And he’s always looking for the ultimate solution.

“Each bridge tends to provide at least one unique problem that we structural engineers get to solve,” Joey says. “I’m attracted to bridge engineering because I feel like it gives me a chance to utilize my strengths while providing opportunities to see the world from a point of view that most people don’t get to experience.”

Joey is a bridge designer and National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) program manager who serves clients out of CMT’s Aurora, IL office. Whether designing a new bridge or rehabilitating an existing structure, he likes to dive deep into the details. Joey also takes pride in providing comprehensive yet clear-cut responses to his client’s requests for information and being a part of a structural design team that can draw upon the strengths of the entire CMT firm.

“I’ve worked at other firms where it felt like someone in another department might as well have worked for a different company,” Joey says. “At CMT, that division doesn’t exist, and communication is open and often. The team here is unified, and it shows.”

Being a bridge designer affords Joey a lot of outdoor time, which suits him just fine. Outside of working hours, he likes to get out on the mountain bike or in the canoe when he can, although these days getting in touch with nature means hiking and camping with his young family.