Kevin Fuller, PE

Vice President, Surface Transportation Group and St. Louis, MO Office Manager

Joining CMT in 2002, Kevin has built the majority of his career leading construction phase services on major transportation projects on both the DOT and consulting side. His construction experience provides valuable insight to our design teams, consistently uncovering cost-saving ideas and helping our teams produce quality/buildable plans.

“I am proud of CMT’s reputation to complete the challenging projects we do. When our clients need such a project completed on a tight timeline, they select CMT and our teams to deliver,” he says.

Kevin and his staff are responsible for delivering some very large and high-profile highway infrastructure, along with transformations of urban corridors.

Kevin is really a great person to work with. His communication and collaboration skills, honed over the years working on construction, are a real strong suit. He’s highly effective in helping project delivery partners resolve conflicts in a timely/cost-effective manner. The end result is great projects and satisfied clients.