Scott Knight, PE

Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer

As technology continues to advance ever more rapidly, Kevin Miller sees his job as Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) as a kind of conductor – recognizing and encouraging excellent contributions from the talented team members that CMT has assembled.

“Innovation doesn’t come from the top,” Kevin says. “We have a lot of really smart people here who have a lot of great ideas. We want to make sure those ideas don’t get lost in the primary goal of completing projects. CMT’s culture has always been to cultivate those ideas into innovative solutions both internally, and especially for our clients to make future projects better.”

Kevin plays a pivotal role in keeping CMT at the cutting edge of innovation, exactly where our clients need us to be. In addition to his role as CIO, Kevin is also a talented traffic engineer who, not surprisingly, provides his transportation agency clients with creative solutions on their traffic signal, intersection, safety plan, and asset management projects. He is also heavily involved in leading and promoting asset management services across CMT.

Off the clock, Kevin coaches his two daughters in soccer and basketball, teaches Sunday school, and volunteers his time with several non-profit organizations. His family loves to travel and has set a goal to visit every national park in the country. You can bet that Kevin will figure out a way to get it done.