Scott Knight, PE

Asset Management and Traffic Engineer Project Manager

Growing up, Kevin loved the challenge that math problems posed and would never give up until he found the solution. Today, he’s taken that drive and determination and applied it to traffic engineering and asset management.

“I’ve built a diverse toolbox of solutions over the years that I use to help clients solve their problems in unique ways,” Kevin says. “It actually makes it enjoyable and I think that’s one of the reasons clients keep coming back. It’s just a fun experience.”

Kevin works on surface transportation projects and is based in CMT’s Dayton office. His specialties include complex traffic signal systems, continuous flow intersections, and asset management system. Because of his family’s heritage, Kevin has taken a special interest in developing traffic safety plans designed specifically for Ohio’s sizable Amish community.

Off the clock, Kevin coaches his two daughters in soccer and basketball, teaches Sunday school, and helps lead a non-profit that provides leadership training to high school students. His family loves to travel and have set a goal to visit every national park in the country. You can bet that Kevin will figure out a way to get it done.


84 Remick Blvd.
Springboro, OH 45066