Baumaister, Lindsay CASUAL

Noise & Air Quality Scientist

For two decades, Lindsay has been serving clients in the transportation industry by providing comprehensive and reliable air quality and noise assessments for airport and highway-related  environmental studies.

In support of NEPA and CEQA documentation, her air quality experience includes preparation of air pollutant and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission inventories, atmospheric dispersion modeling, and the assessment of emission reduction measures.

Lindsay’s extensive transportation noise experience includes sound level monitoring, computer modeling and simulation, noise abatement and mitigation, and public involvement. She is an  expert user of simulation models used to assess noise impacts, including FAA’s Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT), the US Air Force’s NOISEMAP, and the FHWA’s Traffic Noise Model (TNM).

Her familiarity with noise, air quality and transportation regulations at all levels of government is an invaluable asset in obtaining permitting for her clients’ projects.

Lindsay is passionate about staying fit and, in her down time, enjoys boating and RVing with her family.