Scott Knight, PE

Senior Electrical Engineer

Electricity isn’t a new technology, but its application is constantly evolving. Having an Electrical Engineer like Lou Weller on staff ensures that our clients remain on the cutting edge.

“As technology has improved over the course of my career, the importance of what I do has only increased,” Lou says. “Providing an electrical operator with failure alerts on their smart phone, for example, was unimaginable 20 years ago. It’s very fulfilling to be able to provide my clients with such power and knowledge.”

In addition to providing the technical know-how, Lou takes the time to understand the client’s vision, so he can help them make efficient decisions that will make their lives easier.  Working at a multi-disciplined design firm allows Lou to practice his trade in a wide variety of settings.  “I go from designing electrical systems for pump stations, to T-hangers, to roadway lighting, to data centers, to maintenance facilities, to schools, and hospitals. The variety allows me to always learn and grow as a professional.”