Scott Knight, PE

Senior Engineer

It’s a fact of life that civil infrastructure often gets taken for granted, until it’s not there anymore. After seeing firsthand the devastation that a hurricane unleashed upon Florida communities, Marshall was inspired to become an engineer.

“I realized just how important safe and reliable roads and bridges are to modern society,” Marshall says. “As an engineer, I get to work directly with communities to find infrastructure solutions that will improve the quality of life for the people who live there.”

Marshall has a master’s degree in structural engineering and is based in our Indianapolis office. In addition to his work on bridges and culverts, he provides designs for public works and utility structures.

His love of the built environment also extends to the natural environment. Marshall loves spending time in the outdoors, whether cycling, fishing or rock climbing. He’s also set himself a rather lofty goal.

“I want to climb the Seven Summits. That’s definitely on my bucket list.”