Rail Safety Lead

Matt DeMoss is a key member of CMT’s Rail team, serving as a Public Project Coordinator on projects involving numerous railroads across the country. Matt was instrumental in CMT’s development of a rail corridor safety model that has been adopted as a national Best Practice by the FHWA. He is also leading the firm’s increasing involvement with Quiet Zone initiatives that improve quality of life in communities by reducing train noise in urbanized areas.

“I enjoy the diverse types of projects I get to work on,” Matt says. “Railroads intersect many communities across the country, resulting in many different types of projects that require rail coordination and engineering services.”

Matt’s work on Rail Grade Crossing and Corridor Safety Improvement projects has resulted in safer transportation systems that reflect the needs of motorists, pedestrians, and the railroad. He is also helping to solidify CMT’s reputation on industrial track projects, having provided track design for several industrial facilities.

“Whether it’s a public agency, private partner, or railroad, I work hard to gain an understanding of each stakeholder’s priorities, identify their commonalities, then proactively bring everyone together to generate win-win solutions. The nation’s rail networks and infrastructure are under ever increasing demand and critical to our country’s economic fortunes, so I appreciate the importance of providing highly responsive delivery to our clients.”

When not serving CMT’s rail clients, Matt likes to spend time on home improvement projects, fishing and relaxing with his wife, family and friends.

Licensed Engineer Intern in Missouri.