Scott Knight, PE

Aviation Group Manager, Southeast Region

After 30 years as an aviation consultant, Mike Reiter has learned how to identify problems quickly, and then to think creatively to arrive at the best solution.

 “In most airport development situations, there’s going to be more than one alternative. Determining the optimal solution, and one that falls within the client’s funding and scheduling requirements, is something I’ve been able to excel at over the course of my career,” Mike says.

Mike has returned to the firm where he got his start to serve as the Aviation Group Manager for CMT’s Nashville office and expand our reach into the Southeast Region.  He originally joined CMT after graduating from the University of Illinois with a master’s in civil engineering in 1988. Mike has found that CMT’s commitment to providing added value fits in perfectly with his own philosophy on managing programs and projects.

“I get a lot of satisfaction from helping my clients achieve their vision. When you take the time to understand their goals and work hard to get past whatever obstacles stand in the way, you can achieve great things,” he said.



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