Large, Jeff CASUAL

Project Manager

It’s no secret that communities benefit greatly by having accessible and scenic spaces where friends and neighbors can gather. Mike Sewell not only enjoys spending time in these types of public places, he is also an expert in creating them.

“I love how my work can directly impact the quality of life of those around me,” he says. “It’s great going out with friends or family to a brewery, tennis court, or splash park, and know that I’ve had a hand in designing it.”

Mike is a Project Manager specializing in site development projects. He believes that the key to any project – whether it’s a downtown streetscape, recreational facility, or commercial development – is to stay true to the client’s big picture goals, while breaking things down into manageable tasks. It’s not without its challenges but leading a team on a project that will have a meaningful impact on a community is a job Mike finds incredibly rewarding.

“It takes a lot of discipline to make sure you are always responsive, always listening, and always producing high quality deliverables. But if you truly care about the client and delivering them a successful project, most of these things will happen naturally.”

It also takes Mike a lot of energy to keep up with his three sons, who he describes as “boys with a capital B.” In addition to staying engaged in their extremely active world, Mike also enjoys time away from work playing basketball and strategy video games.