Environmental & Atmospheric Scientist

In a field that is rapidly evolving, the ability to take a concept from theory to practice is invaluable to a consulting firm committed to operating at the leading edge of environmental engineering. That’s why CMT is proud to have a scientist of Robbie’s stature and abilities on our team.

Robbie provides airport clients with expertise and services related to air quality analyses, environmental management tool development, and funding sources for environmental impact mitigation.  One assignment, in which he developed a computer-based decision-making tool, resulted in aid for users of the FAA’s Airport Air Quality Assessment Handbook,  guidance material used by agencies, airports, and consultants throughout the country.

Robbie stays at the forefront of emerging technologies and is well-versed in the environmental benefits associated with electric passenger cars, buses, and airport ground support equipment, as well as alternative fuels including compressed natural gas, biodiesel, and propane vehicles. His research has contributed to advancements in mesoscale atmospheric modeling, meteorological modeling for air quality, and developing photochemical air quality modeling systems to evaluate regional emission reduction strategies. He has also been involved in developing and applying computer-based tools for estimating air emissions and greenhouse gases from aircraft, ground support equipment, motor vehicles, and construction equipment.

When not at work, Robbie likes to be on the water. He is an avid outrigger canoe paddler, stand-up paddleboarder, and surfer.