Stephen J. Prange, PE

Senior Vice President, Business Development & Strategy Director, and Rail Services Leader

Steve is a community-minded transportation project manager, who brings to each project a level of enthusiasm and energy that is positively contagious. He has the technical and creative skills of a top design engineer, but he truly excels in bringing people together and getting them excited to take on the challenges that await.

Clients rely on Steve’s vision. He’s a big-picture guy—always looking beyond the project scope to see where the potential for additional value lies. Steve engages with everyone involved in and affected by a project and then works to reach a consensus on how to do the most good for the available funding.

Steve is also a go-to guy for rail-related initiatives. He’s developed a community-focused philosophy that gets high marks from both clients and rail companies. That’s not always an easy thing to do, but Steve has a way of making everyone a winner.

Licensed Professional Engineer in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, and Minnesota.