Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Todd Young knows that CMT’s growth over the decades would not have been possible without a strong financial foundation. As CFO, Todd is committed to carrying on that tradition so that CMT’s clients can be confident they are working with a firm that is fiscally sound and responsible.

“Joining a successful company like CMT, I think it is important for me to be adaptable and align my goals as CFO to the goals of the company,” Todd says. “That requires teamwork, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving.  It will allow our accounting group to work outside-the-box and interact with others within the company, which I enjoy.”

Before being hired as CFO in 2022, Todd was already familiar with CMT’s reputation as a top company that supports its people so that they can excel in their endeavors. He believes that his team of accountants should contribute to that culture.

“I want to work with our business units and groups to find ways to collaborate and make everyone’s job easier and more efficient. I think it is important for me to be a champion of change – helping lead the company by not only reporting on the results of the past but also assisting in developing a vision for the future.”

When he’s not deep into the numbers, Todd enjoys traveling, having visited the 48 contiguous states with his wife and three children. He’s a big sports fan (the Steelers and Dodgers in particular) and has volunteered as a youth coach and leader for over three decades.