Ty Besalke, PE, ENV SP

Vice President and Water Resources Group Manager, Springfield, IL

With CMT since 1991, Ty thrives on engaging his clients to get a true understanding of the issues they face and then digging deep to come up with the optimal solution. He leads a group of Water Resources professionals focused exclusively on potable water infrastructure. His team builds on CMT’s long legacy of award-winning achievements in water treatment. For Ty, such success happens when you can effectively balance between functionality, innovation and cost.

Ty’s technical passion is counterbalanced by a strong love of music. An avid fan of several artists, he most well-known for his notable collection of vinyl records.

Ty is motivated by a strong desire to help clients solve their challenges. An early interest in public works inspired Ty to pursue an education in engineering. “Infrastructure affects everyone. It’s so vital to every person, every day of their lives,” says Ty.