Arner, Wayne CASUAL

Noise, Air Quality & Vibration Scientist 

Wayne is an expert in assessing transportation-related sources of emissions and noise. His work – from collecting field data and analyzing existing and future-year conditions, to documenting results – remains at the forefront of these important and expanding fields.

Examples of Wayne’s recent contributions to air quality and noise include in-the-field analyses of airport operations, measurements of hydrocarbons and particulate matter, and the evaluation of air monitoring data at numerous airports across this country. Wayne’s work extends to the assessment of stationary sources of noise, land development noise studies, the statistical treatment of environmental monitoring data, and the mitigation of noise and air quality impacts.

Wayne is an expert user of FHWA’s Traffic Noise Model (TNM) and the University of Central Florida’s Community Noise Model, as well as the Florida Department of Transportation’s carbon monoxide screening model for intersection analysis (CO Florida).  He is also an experienced user of FAA’s Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) and USEPA’s MOVES emission rate and CAL3QHC dispersion models.

As someone dedicated to improving air quality, it’s not surprising that Wayne enjoys spending time driving his roadster with the top down. The Navy veteran also loves learning about foreign lands and braving exotic cuisine.