Ali Williams

Vice President and Director of Marketing

Since joining the firm’s marketing department in 2008, Allison Williams has seen CMT grow from eight Midwest offices to 25 locations spread throughout the country. Ali has played a pivotal role in this expansion by helping to introduce CMT’s unique brand of service to new regions, while also expanding the size and capabilities of the marketing team she leads. This success speaks to Ali’s skills and acumen in marketing and business development, and to something else as well.

“To be good at marketing anything, you need to really believe in what you’re selling,” Ali says. “Because CMT’s values align so closely with what I believe personally, I’m passionate about spreading our message to clients who prioritize integrity and commitment from their consultants.”

As Director of Marketing, Ali provides oversight on all promotional and competitive marketing activities carried out by CMT’s expanding marketing team. Ali also takes a leadership role in corporate-level responsibilities related to the firm’s vision and strategic growth. Like many of the engineers and planners she works with, Ali has spent her entire career at CMT, finding the firm’s culture a perfect fit for her professional aspirations.

“We have some of the brightest minds in the industry here at CMT and everyone is so invested in everything they do. It’s an incredibly inspiring environment to be in. Our marketing team takes a lot of pride in promoting our people and services to prospective clients and employees, because we know that CMT is a great firm to work with and to work for.”

Outside the office, Ali enjoys any activity that allows her to flex her creative muscles, and she keeps busy by raising her two children, Harper and Barrett.