CoP Traffic Engineering
CMT’s interns are an essential part of our workforce. It is an honor to offer experiences that provide a solid foundation to the students of today who will soon be the leaders of tomorrow. Read on to learn about recent experiences in the CMT Internship Program.
Eads, Brian
As an international graduate student, it was my first time working in an office in the United States. It has been a very wholesome experience, as the people in my department are kind and always looking out for me. I took the bus to the office, and everyone told me to be careful and safe, which made me so happy. In terms of work, I started with OpenRoads Designer, and Kristin and Matt gave me enough time to understand and complete my training before starting to begin with design. Rob is always a second away to help with my questions. We had a department group meeting, and Stan gave me a warm welcome with homemade cookies that his wife made! It’s a great feeling to be surrounded by such caring and welcoming people, and the journey felt smooth. I’ve had a really nice time at CMT.
Naila M., Bradley University

Intern in Springfield, IL

Cole, Charles Tice
I’ve liked seeing the different services CMT provides to clients and the different facets of the groups I’m working in. What I’ve enjoyed most is one-on-one time with my project managers and other full-time employees. They give me the where, why, and how things actually work on a project. I like to understand the full scope of what we work on so I can be a better engineer in the future.
Halle B., Bradley University

Intern in St. Louis, MO

Lee_Cassie square
Working with CMT has been great! Everyone is very friendly and resourceful, and I feel that CMT’s employees are engaged and determined to help interns grow as engineers.
Francesco F., Bradley University

Intern in Aurora, IL

Cole, Charles Tice
My internship at CMT has been great! I have had experience in and outside of the office. I get to work with different software that I don’t have access to at school, and I have been able to form good relationships with my coworkers as well. I really enjoyed my time!
Ethan S., Bradley University

Intern in Moline, IL