Passing Batton - New Generation of Leaders

CMT recently announced promotions to key leadership positions. These promotions are consistent with the firm’s 70-year tradition of stable transition in leadership, a foundation of CMT’s success. Here is a recap of those key transitions:

Brad Hamilton, PE, has been named CMT’s new Director of Aviation, where he will be responsible for all airport-related projects. Hamilton has spent his entire 26-year career with CMT, where he most recently served as Manager of the firm’s Planning Group.

Brad is taking over Director of Aviation duties from Mike Doerfler, PE, who will continue to serve as an advisor to the group, along with corporate responsibilities as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer.

Raed Armouti, PE, will be CMT’s new Director of Water Resources and oversee planning, design and construction services related to all aspects of water-related infrastructure. Throughout his 26-year career with CMT, Raed has been involved in projects located in all of the geographical areas that the firm serves. He previously served as Water Resources Group Manager in CMT’s St. Louis office.

Bernie Held, PE, who previously served as Director of Water Resources, will continue to serve as an advisor to the group, along with corporate responsibilities as Human Resources Officer.

Chuck Taylor, PE, has been named as Strategic Planning Director for CMT, a new area of corporate responsibility. He has been with CMT for 33 years, most recently serving as the Aviation Group Manager in the Springfield, IL office. Chuck will continue to manage major aviation projects.

Other recently-announced promotions include the following:
Bill Bailey, PE, SE, as the firm’s Chief Structural Engineer
Kevin Fuller, PE, as the St. Louis Regional Office Manager
Scott Knight, PE, as the Water Resources Group Manager in St. Louis
Randy Vogel, PE, as the Aviation Group Manager in Springfield, IL
Doug Gregory, CM, as the Aviation Planning Group Manager

CMT would like to thank these employees for their many years of service and leadership, and looks forward to the future as they take on more prominent roles in charting the firm’s continued success.